Dear Bethany 

I wanted to say a very big thank you for being the doula at our birth of Abigail Scarlett. I didn't know how beautiful and non-interventional (sic) Intervention free labour could be. Abigail's birth healed all the unknown hurts and scars of my first labour of Harrison. My fears of theatre and medical intervention have been laid to rest. In my heart i honestly believed that your role was to support Shane in the after birth, however, it was I who needed you. For all that you did and the preparation that went into it especially around designing our birth plan.  And empowering Shane to feel included in the process from start to end.


We are all very grateful for the photos especially the placenta it's amazing! I have never seen one and i am so glad I have those photos to cherish. Thank you for all the photos you took in those first few blurry hours. That first shower was divine and was definitely not something I could have managed alone - thank you. 


I am truly grateful and cannot put into words how thankful I am that we had you as our doula. I will be recommending you to my fertility patients as you really are a special person. Thank you again


Lana Van ray

A beautiful hand written letter

Supporting women to enjoy their pregnancy, connect with their baby and ultimatley look forward to giving birth.  Supporting partners, to ensure they feel safe, are included, effective and calm in the birth space. 

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