Why the name Belly Beans? ...


 During my first routine ultrasound I looked up and saw a little 'blob'. I remember thinking 'oh it

doesn't look like a baby it looks like a jelly bean in my 'belly' a belly bean'. So from that point on I

affectionately referred to my baby as my belly bean. I instinctively did the same for my second child

a year later.


I always smile when I read my business name, and people often comment or ask am I going to change

it to something more 'professional' something more 'birthy' Ha to me the authenticity of what belly

beans is to me makes it just perfect, I hope you agree


Becoming a Doula ...


I stumbled across the word doula, while I was in the midst of a life crossroads, I was 32, living on the East Coast of America with my husband of 5 months. I was working in a really stressful business development role for a health food company whose head office was based in London. It was 2008 and the GFC (global financial crisis) was in full swing, everything was going pear-shaped and I was miserable. I cried a lot in 2008!


I sat one afternoon and thought back to what really made me happy, what made my heart sing, not money, not travel opportunities, not carer titles, but questioned; 'What made me happy on the inside? It was seeing a pregnant woman. It always has been and I was surrounded by them during my life as a nanny. I loved being a nanny in London, I supported women back to work, I loved their babies, I travelled with different families and had a ball but after 5 years in this role in my early 20's I thought I'd better get a 'proper' job, so I did and my job got big!...


I knew pregnancy, babies and growing families were a huge source of joy for me but it got me thinking. I'm really intrigued by the pregnant woman".


Not only did I want this for myself one day but I knew that I was and always had been truly fascinated by pregnancy. I read all I could about what a doula did and I instantly knew that was it. The opportunity to emotionally support of a woman and her partner through pregnancy, birth and the early postnatal period it felt like I'd hit the career jackpot. I booked myself into a course in New Jersey called Seventh Moon, (in 2008 Doula courses were workshop based over a few weeks where you learnt practical skills with a like-minded group of women followed by reading and course material)

 It was during one of our very first sessions that I began to feel 'really weird'; I jumped up to get to the bathroom and vomited. When I returned to the group they all smiled and said 'there's always one' I was 7 weeks pregnant!


I resigned from my job, made plans for a budget van holiday with my husband driving from New York to New Orleans and then packed up our lives and headed back to Melbourne. I always promised my mum that I would return home if I ever fell pregnant, and true to my word (some 12 years after first leaving Australia) my husband and I prepared for the birth of our first - a baby girl. It wasn't until our second daughter finished feeding that I began actively supporting women in a doula capacity.


What a ride it has been, a wonderful, exciting, challenging, fulfilling ride. Long may it continue...

Supporting women to enjoy their pregnancy, connect with their baby and ultimatley look forward to giving birth.  Supporting partners, to ensure they feel safe, are included, effective and calm in the birth space. 

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