I've never had to call in one of my experienced back up doula's to attend a birth for me, however I do have them on hand as a safety net for me and and you. This makes for a more realxed lead up to your birth. Double check your package to see if it includes a back up doula. 

Stephanie Norquay



Erika Munton


Claire Wyborn


(B r u n s w i c k)

Stephanie is a doula, (also known as a Birth attendant)   infant massage practitioner and a mother, who has been supporting women and their families for over a decade.  With a background in massage and alternative therapies, she has a wealth of experience working with people in the areas of physical/emotional health and well-being.  Stephanie has a strong commitment to supporting women during this incredible, transformative stage of their lives, assisting early bonding between mother and baby, and helping parents to feel confident and capable in their parenting.  


Her professional and life experiences have enriched her understanding and insights, and are what facilitates her calm presence in the birth space and the balanced and intuitive style with which she works.


With an ongoing commitment to further training and development, and with her experience and training in prenatal, postnatal and infant massage, Stephanie is able to provide a current and comprehensive range of support services to women and their families throughout the entire pregnancy, labour and postnatal period.  

Erika Munton, owner of Birthready, is a birth consultant, group faciltator, doula, birth educator, hypnosis practitioner, NLPer and life coach. Erika is one of the most experienced doula’s working in Melbourne today, having attended near 300 births in Australia and the USA over the past 18 years.


Her inspiring positivity, boundless energy and wealth of knowledge help to guide people to achieve the births they want and transition smoothly into life as parents. She has worked with people from a diverse range of cultures, lifestyles, family dynamics and values.


She is passionate about increasing expectant parents confidence and ability for better birthing, deepening their connection to each other and helping people create positive changes in their personal, professional and parenting life.

 Claire Wyborn has been supporting women for over 10 years. She feels privileged to be alongside a woman as she enters her time to birth her babies. Claire believe's that every woman deserves utmost respect and support during her pregnancy, labour, birth and post natal time.

Claire's own experiences around birth have confirmed her beliefs that birth is a normal natural process that women are capable of going through, and that each and every birth is unique and amazing.

Pregnancy, labour and birth can be an overwhelming experience, her passion is to provide sound evidenced based information and to care  to the women she supports both emotionally and physically.

Claire also offers, birth hypnosis, massage & Postnatal services across Melbourne.


Supporting women to enjoy their pregnancy, connect with their baby and ultimatley look forward to giving birth.  Supporting partners, to ensure they feel safe, are included, effective and calm in the birth space. 

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