Harvey 27th September 2014

Here are a few notes on the positive impact of a Doula in the birthing space.

Love Cassie



As we were booked in at a public hospital under team maternity care, I was not able to see the same midwife for each pre natal appointment. Having Bethany to talk to each week allowed my husband and I to maintain consistency. Bethany knew our history, helped us understand our birth presences, and knowing she'd be in the room with us on the day gave my husband and I peace of mind.



As Bethany, my husband and I had discussed our birth presence; she was able to act on these on our behalf on the day of the birth if required. We were not bothered by midwifes asking us countless questions which was a blessing.



Bethany helped to create an environment that promoted calm. Although our birth was too short to be able to use the tools Bethany had provided i.e. birth visualisation and hypnobirthing music, we had them ready to go. Bethany was the key to my positive attitude about birth, and I firmly believe that without her my husband and I would've been a lot more unsettled.



Bethany focused on my face and my state of mind. Knowing the tools I had available to use during birth, allowed the midwife to focus solely on my physical state. A midwife has such a large task of calming down the mum & dad, plus working through all the physical aspects of birth- they were very thankful (as was I) to have Bethany there!



Bethany was able to apply physical pressure where it was needed, mainly on the drive to the hospital, which my husband was very thankful for as we nearly had the baby in the car!! Bethany could give my husband direction of where to massage, which meant he felt he was applying the best technique for pain management. He didn't feel lost or unsure how to help me as Bethany was there to guide us. My husband was able to focus on looking into my eyes, and on the baby. This was a special moment for us that may not have been possible without Bethany. My husband was very thankful to have Bethany in the room with us.



Bethany and the midwife worked so well together, it was like a well oiled machine! We felt very lucky to have the medical and physical support needed for a safe arrival of our baby. We had a few complications with the placenta, and Bethany explained everything that was happening. The midwife was focussing on her role, and did not have to attend to our emotional needs that a first time mum & dad go through post birth.



We were originally unaware of what a Doula was, but are very thankful our friend made the suggestion. Now that we know who they are and what they're about, we want to shout out how wonderful they are from the rooftops! A special type of person has the skills to be a doula. Their job is to enter the most personal of spaces with a mum & dad to be, and make them feel comfortable enough to experience the wonder of childbirth with them. Feeling reassured and 'calm' through the birth is not something first time mum & dad's would usually associate with birth (especially the first one) but that's exactly what we had and we have Bethany to thank for that. We are pretty relaxed people, and were not fearful of the birth before we met Bethany, but she gave us the tools and the reassurance that we were going to have a calm birth and a happy healthy, relaxed baby- all naturally! I couldn't think of a more positive situation for my husband and I.Knowing we would see Bethany pre & post natally made our whole experience so much more positive.


Bethany will be at our next birth (Baby #2 Due April 2016) and will be a friend of my husband, myself and our baby/babies for life

Supporting women to enjoy their pregnancy, connect with their baby and ultimatley look forward to giving birth.  Supporting partners, to ensure they feel safe, are included, effective and calm in the birth space. 

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