"We have had the pleasure of having Bethany as our doula for our last three pregnancies.

Bethany has educated and empowered us to make the decisions that were the right fit for our family, and for each (very different) pregnancy. 

She listens with a gentle ear and without judgement, offers well researched advice and suggestions where needed and, most importantly, she has been there every step of the way to support us in our birthing choices.

Bethany has a way of knowing just what I need without having to utter a single word to her. Her intuition and her ability to read people and the situation at hand has allowed her to seemlessly fit into our birth space on each occasion, whilst adding a sense of warmth, calm, and confidence to the room with her presence.

We feel so blessed to have crossed paths with Bethany. I am sure that our birth experiences would not have been as empowering and positive as they were without her there by our side, lovingly holding our space.

With love from Karly, Ian, Beau, Bennett, Ebony and Neve xox"

Supporting women to enjoy their pregnancy, connect with their baby and ultimatley look forward to giving birth.  Supporting partners, to ensure they feel safe, are included, effective and calm in the birth space. 

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Telephone : ​0411 128 182

Email : Bethany@bellybeans.com.au

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bellybeansdoula