Here's a step by step guide to make your own Placenta Print.

If this is all a bit much, I can do it for you, simply make contact with me.

Please remember when working with a placenta to keep the area clean and to ensure the area is properly cleaned afterwards. That includes paint brushes, containers and table linings. I discard mine after every client.

What you'll need:


1 x bucket

1 x box of gloves

1 x roll of kitchen towel

3 x garbage bags

Paint brushes

Acrylic paint

1 x pad large thick artist's paper

1 x can spray concealer



Method Organic Print


1. Wash placenta under cold water

removing all clots (keep one clot aside for later)

2. Turn placenta inside out (fetal side out)

3. Gently pat dry both sides with paper towel

4. Ensure everything is ready on your table

5. Carefully remove 1 layer of membranes down to the narrowing of the cord on the (fetal side)

6. On a clean peice of paper lay the placenta fetal side up

7. Tuck the membranes under the placenta revealing the shape of the palcenta

8. Pat dry again

9. Position the cord in the shape you want

10. Remembering the print will be a flip of what you can see 

11. With a spare clot rub it over the veins to highlight them and then carefully place a peice of paper on top of the placenta and gently pat

12. Slowly peel away the paper to revel the organic print

13. Set aside to dry

14. Once dry spray with concealer to protect organic matter


*tip: be very careful to not have any blood on the bottom sheet of paper or it will pick up when you place the top bit of paper on

please be mindful when/if discarding your placenta it should be discarded in accordance to hospital policy or burried



Method Acrylic Print


Follow organic method to step 8


9. Using a clean brush for each colour begin to paint the placenta

10. Slowly place a clean piece of paper on the painted placenta and gently pat down

11. Slowly peel off the paper

12. Once dried spray with sealant



1.   I like to use black paint and highlight the vein work with another colour it tends to bring out the detail better

2. Please be respectful to the environment wihen discarding the placenta - wash as much of the acrylic paint off as possible and dig a deep hole and burry it. If discarding it please do so in acordance to your hospital policy

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