Postnatal testimonial

"Bethany stayed with me after my birth because that's when I wanted her the most. Her support in the post natal period was amazing. One day it might be that you need a chat and a cup of tea, one day it might be breastfeeding support, one day it might be help with your other children. She can help with whatever you need. Very different to the midwives who come over. I have been part of caseload who come over every few days. They focused on baby, weight, jaundice etc whereas Bethany is all about the mum and supporting you emotionally and physically in whatever you need"

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Allow yourself to be supported during what can be one of the most challenging times of your life - the fourth trimester. 
During this time you can be overrun with emotions and sometimes self doubt, extreme fatigue, & anxiety.
The early days, weeks, and months have the potential to be the most magical or pass you by in a haze of tiredness, stress and worry. I want you to enjoy this precious time with your new baby but maximising your ability to rest and understand your babies cues for tiredness, hunger or distress. Sometimes all it takes is a reassuring voice reminding you that you're ok

Women are strong, intuitive, strong, capable and thrive with good support

- Bethany Meakin

Postnatal Doula Pricing

Monday - Friday          9am - 5:30 pm    $45 per hour

Saturday & Sunday      9am - 5:30 pm    $50 per hour

Out of hours services     5:30 pm - 9am   $55 per hour

Overnight support      11pm - 6am   $350 (flat rate)


Min 3 hour call out   * Additional travel time may be charged

What does Postnatal Doula support include?
  • Time to grow your confidence whilst being gently supported in your home
  • helping you to understand and recognise your babies developmental leaps & cues
  • Feeding support
  • Settling support * I do not support a cry it out approach
  • Time to connect with your baby, time to rest, sleep, space and opportunity for self care 
  • Trusting your role as a mother and tuning into your intuition
  • Light home duties, cooking, meal prep and running errands
  • Debriefing, discussion, guidance, reassurance, TLC! 
  • For an overnight stay I sleep while you sleep, if your baby is also settled and sleeping. 
  • I'm up when you're up to help with settling and feeding and whatever help you may need during these long lonely hours.
  • I am also happy to settle/comfort/hold your baby while you sleep.
On top of my postnatal experience I have worked as a live-in/live-out nanny for 5+ years in the London
I'm also a mother of 2 and have been supporting families here in Australia for a number of years
I am gentle, reassuring, calming and patient. I listen to your story and work with you to find solutions that  suit you and your families needs.
NB: As I also work as a birth doula I may from time to time need to attend a birth. In this case I have a beautiful support system of back up doulas who can tend to you if need be. 

* I am fully insured and have a current working with children card.

Supporting women to enjoy their pregnancy, connect with their baby and ultimatley look forward to giving birth.  Supporting partners, to ensure they feel safe, are included, effective and calm in the birth space. 

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