Vada Wren 19th Feb 2015

67 hours of labour!

Vadas birth story

My labour with Vada was a long one, three days to be exact. Going in to it we felt quite prepared with information and how we would like it to go (knowing that you really can't control what was going to happen anyway). All we knew is that we just wanted it to be as natural as possible. With the least amount of intervention as possible.

We had completed a active birth class in preparation and met with our doula twice prior to birth day. We had organised for a back up doula just in case something happened and our original doula wasn't available. As it happens Vada came two weeks early and my original doula was busy with a vbac birth....

After two days of going into the hospital for observations as my water had broken early things seemed to be finally moving along. This was the first time I had spoken to Bethany, I was so tired already from the two previous days of labour that I was nervous having not met her but she sounded lovely on the phone and I couldn't wait for her to arrive.

As soon as she came into our home I felt instantly comfortable and at ease, there was someone there to help us through this.
I don't think Bethany left my side for long in the next 27 hrs.

She helped me through my contractions with breathing techniques and letting go. I instantly would relax with hearing her direction and followed her lead whenever I could.

We arrived at the hospital early in the morning and I was prepared that things might slow a bit once we got there. But Bethany was amazing, we had already discussed what we wanted and she'd read my birth plan so she was able to speak on my behalf.
I spent most of that day in the shower, Bethany and Justin took it in turns with me in the shower. There was dim lighting, relaxing music and essential oils burning the whole time.

When things were getting hard, Bethany massaged essential oil in to my lower back and it instantly lifted and calmed me.

She was so supportive of Justin as well. They took it in turns to get something to eat and some fresh air.  The longer things progressed the more talk of interventions and I ended up stuck on the bed for monitoring. Again with direction I was able to get through this even though I wanted to stand.

Hours went by till the point that I thought I couldn't do it anymore, id had no pain relief and no sleep for days.
There was a doctor I wasn't keen on, pushing for an intervention. Both Bethany and Justin stood their ground and I said my wishes. Bethany went and found a doctor I'd seen earlier with whom Id had a better time dealing with and we came to a compromise. I would receive some help to move things along. Again I said I'm not sure I could handle any increase in pain without pain relief but Bethany and Justin both assured me that I could and with their guidance I managed to get to that point where my body took over. All I remember hearing was Bethany telling me how amazing I was and that I was sleeping between contractions. Vada was born 4 hours later at 11.13pm. I pulled her up into my arms and instantly forgot the previous 67 hours. I had done it. We had done it. She was a precious little baby. Our little world was complete as we lay there holding one another.

I, without a doubt, don't think I could've birthed Vada the way I did without Bethany's support. She supported both Justin and I through the whole thing. She helped back us up when we needed it. I have never met someone so in tune with what another person required at any particular time. Her intuition and knowledge is amazing. She is the most beautiful, caring woman and I cannot wait to birth another baby with her by my side one day soon.

It's safe to say that I'm so glad my original doula was busy that night as Bethany was my perfect fit. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Biggest love

Emily, Justin and Vada Wren

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